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A reliable ID doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Buy one with a complete range of security features and untraceable history for just $350 at Real Fake Document. Our fake identification cards are the documents of choice for underage individuals ready to explore, adults seeking independence, undocumented people looking for more security in life, and everyone in between. 

Our IDs are created to simplify applications to state agencies, prove identities, and help when you feel helpless. Inquire today to obtain one with swift doorstep delivery!

Who’s the best candidate for purchasing a fake ID?

No matter your reason for needing an ID, we’ve got you covered. A fake ID that looks real can do the trick for:

  • • Minors. Being banned from entering some place or using some product sucks. Embrace your youth with confidence with an ID card that grants you adult-level access to life’s best pleasures. From concerts and movie theaters to vaping devices, our IDs ensure that you won’t miss out on any of the excitement of being a teenager.
  • • Adults in legal trouble. Establish your new identity with ease. Our fake IDs for sale online provide the proof you need while eliminating any worries or obstacles you may face. They are recognized and accepted everywhere, giving you the freedom to navigate the adult world without being caught.
  • • Gig workers. If your lifestyle is nomadic, you can’t go without an ID to make the most of it. This piece can streamline the registration process for settling in a new place or help you apply for jobs galore. Start earning without delay, whether you provide a ride-sharing service or work as a freelance app developer.
  • • Globetrotters. Our IDs are authentic and fully registered, meaning that they can be used for internal trips in certain countries. With one, you can travel for leisure or business without worrying about airport procedures or hotel check-ins. Breeze through the tedious and once-frightening steps in a flash!


You can buy a fake ID for official and under-the-radar applications. For any situation, they can work well as we craft them with visually identical elements and design features that mimic genuine IDs.

Please note that if you’re going to travel with fake documents, an ID card may not be accepted for border crossings in certain locations. You may be better off obtaining a passport for international travel or local trips within countries that do not accept IDs.

How it works

To get a fake ID, settle on one of the options found in our collection. Choose it by the state you’re residing in or are going to move to. You can then place a fake ID order and provide us with the required identification information through our website. We stand behind lightning-fast turnaround times, so you will have it created and delivered in a jiffy.

Depending on your situation, you may also want to bundle your ID with other documents. Whether for mobility or financial independence, we have you covered.

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